About Us

At Cash Cars Removal Melbourne, are dedication is to our customers.  Each car removal we perform commit to offering our customers the best and most hassle free way to sell your unwanted vehicle.  There’s no need to advertise, arrange for a towing service, or even clean up your vehicle.  We come to your location and pickup and haul away your vehicle, free of charge.

At Cash Cars Removal Melbourne, we are committed to serving not only our customers, but Mother Earth.  Our disposal policy is one that recycles, reuses and resells all parts and the entire vehicle’s metal.  By doing so, we avoid disposing the vehicle in hazardous landfills.  This ensures that no poisonous toxins escape into Mother Earth’s environment.  It is a system that offers more than one benefit as we can offer you top dollar for your vehicle and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner.  There is never a concern when you call Cash Cars Removal Melbourne; we are the professionals you can depend on.

Our Car Removal Company

Cash Cars Removal Melbourne has years of experience in the car removal business.  We employ a team of expert appraisers who know the value of vehicles.  Because of their expertise, they are able to quote the most your unwanted vehicle removal in Melbourne Victoria is worth, on the spot.

We also work round the clock, making day or night a convenient time for your car removal.  We have purchased thousands of vehicles, and have paid top dollar for each.

Our customers receive a no stress means to dispose of their car.  Because we offer our customers a means to have the cash they need and to get rid of their old clunker from their yard.  With us selling and disposing your vehicle is a snap!

Our service means you are able to get rid of your Old, Unwanted, Useless, Rusted, Used, Etc. Car, Van, Truck, Ute, 4wd, Commercial Vehicle, etc.  We are a professional car removal service in every way as we not only dismantle each vehicle to break down the parts to recycle, resell or reuse, once the car is stripped, we then crush the vehicle forming it into scrap metal to be reused in products and resold.  It is a system that allows us to offer our customers the most cash in their possible, no matter what the year, make, model or condition of your vehicle.  We accept automobiles running or not, broken, damaged, accident, burned, rusted, used, new, etc.

Our business is all about offering our customers the best.  A quick and easy sale, while putting top dollar in their pocket.

Cash Cars Removal Melbourne’s experience in car removals is unmatched.  We have years of experience in the business, pay top dollar for unwanted vehicles in any condition, running or not, trusted company, fast and friendly service, and free paper.  We take pride in serving our customers with the best service and top dollar unwanted car removals.

Contact us today to schedule a fast, friendly top dollar cash sale for your vehicle.  Just complete our get a quote form on this page or call us at the number listed below.