Cash Cars Removal Melbourne has been serving Melbourne Victoria with Unwanted Car, Van, Bus, Ute, Jeep, 4WD, Truck, etc. free car removals for years. We remove all makes and models, in any condition and age, running or not. Whether an old model torn in pieces or just a hard to sale car, we will pay you cash on the spot.

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At Cash Cars Removal Melbourne, we offer our customers a dollars for car system. We pay our customers dollars for cars on the spot for their unwanted rusted or shiny and pay on spot a tow away fee.

When you have an accident, damaged, old, or rusted car sitting in your yard, bringing down its property value, there’s no reason not to call. We are also an ideal solution for vehicle owners who have a hard to sell car, or don’t have time to sell their vehicle via the traditional means as one call to us and we’ll arrange to have a fast and top dollar car removal.

Our Car Removals

When you want to sell your old, unwanted vehicle, any make or model, running or not just contact Cash Cars Removal Melbourne. We offer our customers ease and convenience. In fact, you can submit our “Get a Quote” form located on this page, or you can call us directly at the number listed below.

Our system works something like this:

You call us or complete our “Get a Quote” form on this page. Once we receive the details like the make and model of your vehicle, as well as its condition and we will then quote you a price. Once we quote the price for your vehicle, you then accept or reject our offer. If you accept our offer, we’ll then arrange for a time, convenient for you, for your unwanted car removal. We are the experts in the business and always guarantee a top dollar sale at NO COST to you!

Our Disposal Process:

Mother Earth is a concern to each of us, and at Cash Cars Removal Melbourne you don’t have to be concerned that we overlook our part in helping to keep the environment healthy. Our vehicle disposal process is eco-friendly, leaving the least imprint on Mother Earth as possible as we recycle, reuse and resell all parts and metals used in the vehicle.

Our auto dismantlers are excellent, no matter what type of vehicle you own, getting the most from your vehicle, which is why we can pay you top value of your vehicle.
Why Choose Us?

At Cash Cars Removal Melbourne, only the best in the business work for us, which means the best in the business is working for you! When you choose us, you choose a company that:

  •   Pays Top Dollar for Unwanted Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, Vans, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, etc.
  •   Offers Free Unwanted Car Removals
  •   Accepts Unwanted Vehicles in Any Condition, Running or Not
  •   Works 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week, including Holidays
  •   Is Fast and Efficient

At Cash Cars Removal Melbourne, we have earned a reputation in Melbourne Victoria as the auto removal company that never lets you down! Our customers are GUARANTEED TOP DOLLAR for their unwanted vehicle, whether in one piece, with the doors torn off and the seats torn out, or rusted and damaged. There is no piece of metal or type of vehicle we won’t accept as each has value when you call Cash Cars Removal Melbourne.

We have an entire fleet of car removal vehicles, which are customised for top notch loading and transport, and allow us to pick up your unwanted car, truck, SUV, 4WD, van, bus, etc. no matter whether you have one or more. Don’t be concerned if your vehicle is in pieces, it still has value, so give us a call today.

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At Cash Cars Removal Melbourne, we guarantee you a fast and efficient sale. Our car removals are always free and always 1st class. Our Melbourne Victoria car removal appraisers and experts ensure the finest experience in a car removal that leaves the most amounts of cash in your pocket. To get started, just complete our “Get a quote” forms found on this page, or contact us via the telephone number listed below.

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